Asia-based organizations focused on combating sex selection

Centre for Women’s Development Studies

Delhi civil society group that has been working and reporting on India’s gender imbalance for years. Maintains a library with resources on sex selection.

Asia-based organizations working on trafficking

Vietnamese Migrant Worker & Brides Office

Taiwanese organization that provides shelter and legal assistance to Vietnamese wives.
Seoul NGO that provides shelter for abused foreign wives and educates women about their rights. (Website in Korean.)

North American organizations working on sex selection

Center for Genetics and Society

Bay Area organization focused on new genetic and reproductive technologies. Efforts center on sperm sorting and sex selection during in-vitro fertilization.
Bay Area NGO that addresses the social and ethical implications of new technologies, with a focus on fighting racial, gender, and other biases.
Boston-based women’s health and advocacy organization (a.k.a. the Boston Women’s Health Book Collective).


Preventing Gender-Biased Sex Selection

A United Nations interagency report on sex selection, released by the World Health Organization in June 2011.

Son Preference and Prenatal Sex Selection

A new section on the United Nations Population Fund website, added in June 2011, with resources and background on UN action on the issue.