A contributing editor with Science magazine, Mara contributes articles from around Asia and the world. She is particularly interested in the social sciences, having written extensively about demography, sociology, and education, and in public health. She has also covered fields ranging from forestry to astronomy. An archive of her articles can be found here.


China’s Publication Bazaar,” November 29, 2013.
A five-month investigation reveals a thriving academic black market in China involving shady agencies, corrupt scientists, and compromised editors. Abstract here.
Roots of Empire,” September 28, 2012.
Climate scientists read tree rings in Mongolia to chart the unexpected conditions that may have propelled the rise of Genghis Khan.

1.3 Billion Divided by 6.5 Million, and Watch That Floating Decimal,” October 22, 2010.

How do you take an accurate census in the world’s most populous country when much of the population is on the move? China tries out a new approach.
Has China Outgrown The One-Child Policy?,” September 17, 2010.
After thirty years of birth targets, a  group of dissenting Chinese demographers and former government officials pressure Beijing to scrap the one-child policy—from within.
Chinese farmers use over one-third of the world’s fertilizer, polluting soil and water and adding to greenhouse gas emissions. Scientists show that reining in the chemicals can actually increase crop yield.
China begins construction on the world’s largest single-dish radio telescope, an instrument so huge it is supported by mountains. Think of Puerto Rico’s Arecibo—the telescope that explodes in the James Bond flick GoldenEye—and nearly double it.
Making Every Baby Girl Count,” February 27, 2009.
Inside a Chinese program to reverse the nation’s skewed sex ratio at birth. Measures include encouraging men to move in with their wives’ families, cracking down on sex-selective abortion, and paying couples to have girls.

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